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Mark Beebe

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1997 with dual degrees in Finance and Marketing, as well as a specialization in International Business, I moved to Columbus, Ohio to start my career as a general and cost accountant at an automotive manufacturing plant.  Additional career experiences in inventory and store finance at a large local retailer focused on implementing new financial reporting and decision-making techniques, then I moved to a financial leadership role at a logistics organization focused on improving the financial performance of a remote network of warehouses.

I continued to focus on developing my skill set by acquiring an MBA from Ohio State in 2010.  The knowledge and techniques I acquired while in this program propelled me to my first CFO role at a private non-profit organization.  While in this role I helped migrate the organization from running a business as a non-profit to an organization that made data informed, customer-focused decisions.  This approach allowed me to present key topics and concepts to an industry leading professional group, while mentoring other colleagues to maximize their career accomplishments.

My last career stop prior to beginning Mark Beebe and Associates, was as a CFO for a $50M organization experiencing double digit revenue growth.  Under my financial leadership we remained diligent in making business decisions focused on delivering the best customer experience while maximizing returns for the organization.  During this time I began networking with local business owners and found that many small and mid-size business owners had an opportunity to improve their financial performance by partnering with a financial expert.

We leverage a network of colleagues across Columbus that share our passion for helping medium sized business' meet their goals by developing long-term trusted partnerships with people and companies.  My main focus is not how many clients I have or how much I can bill in a year, rather it is about helping people reach their goals.

Outside of the professional setting, my wife and I spend most of our time attending our kids' extracurricular activities such as softball, soccer, cheer-leading and school plays.  I enjoy golfing in the warm weather and skiing when it is colder. 


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