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Does This Sound Familiar?

You love what you do. You built your business from an idea to a recognizable brand. You’ve been through rapid growth, economic recessions, regulatory changes, personal life events - your own, your family and your employees - and every other challenge one can imagine. Your expertise and passion are the backbone of your success. But, what is next?

Is This You too?

Doing everything the same works over the short-term; it is comfortable and can be very profitable. Over the long-term, the results may not be financially sustainable. Processes become outdated, operating agreements come to be inefficient, internal controls have gaps, decision-making may be unclear and business priorities conflict. Combine these with rapidly changing customer demands, as well as economic variables and suddenly the business is not quite as profitable as you would like.

So What Does That Mean?

Within your organization, is there a person whose stated responsibility is to increase cash flow and creating a sustainable financial foundation? We are not talking about the person that reports cash flow, the business development employee that drives revenue or the accountant that tells you how much things cost. We are talking about maximizing revenues while appropriately managing expenses AND planning for future business needs.  Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of your business.  Should you be doing more to address these needs?

Why Partner With Us?

We have spent time in a variety of industries with organizations that vary in size, thus we have unique perspectives on these types of questions. While these perspectives are interesting, they are also meaningless without experience to translate concepts to meaningful recommendations for your business.   Whether it is financial leadership for the organization or a project based engagement, we have the experience to help you drive success.

Our Approach

(1) People. (2) People. And (3) People.

People work with People. Trust, honesty and respect are words that drive our engagements and by which we live.  We will work to earn your trust.  We will be honest with you, no hidden agendas or surprises.  We will respect your teams, your organization and your plans; but this doesn't imply that we won't push your thinking or plans to a higher level - quite the opposite.

People are your greatest asset.  When creating financial plans, employees get nervous.  Their first thought is likely “Am I going to lose my job?”  We are transparent with your team members. Involving them in the process and solution development shows that you (and we) care about them. Our plans ensure the right activities are being completed,  we don't simply focus cutting costs.  While headcount reductions are possible, we typically find that organizations have the opportunity to transition employees to new value-added roles or tasks.

We will talk to your People, to understand the what, why and how. They are your experts and we want to hear their thoughts and opinions. Often the research process of the project brings out the best in employees because they get to participate in the solution.

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We like talking to people, so give us a call at 614.327.4195.  But if you want to email us, you can do that too.