Transition Planning


Is your business growing so fast that instead of an actual plan, you think about having a plan to build a plan?  Or do you want to enjoy the next phase of your life, but don't know where to start?

Transition planning can take on many forms.  Maybe you are looking to expand your geographic footprint or break into a new service industry or find the next owner - whatever the change we can develop and implement a solution that aligns your expectations with a realistic timeline to achieve your goals.

Business Transition Planning

Retirement On The Horizon?

Are you thinking about the next phase of your life?  Whether that means transitioning the company to a family member, a current employee or another owner - we are here to help.

Establishing Expectations

Transitioning a business is stressful.  We work to understand your expectations, garner agreement on the likelihood of reaching those expectations, then create a realistic plan and timeline to get there.  

Valuation Review

Generating the expected return requires more than just putting the company up for sale.  Accounting records should be reviewed, processes and policies require adjustment, corporate documents need modification and so on to define the expected value.  

Plan Your First Retirement Trip

We don't do this for you, but we want you to enjoy it.

You have invested your efforts, time and soul into the business.  Now its' time to enjoy the next phase of life.

Ready to Get Started?

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